A Labyrinth on Boston's Greenway + Life List Update

Did you know there is a new labyrinth in Boston? It's at the Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway.

During the summer, there were monthly Labyrinth Walks with the Labyrinth Guild of New England. There are two more before the season ends -- on September 18th and October 16th.
According to the website, it's the only labyrinth on public land in the Northeast. I stopped by today after leaving a Sip + Share in the North End on Hanover Street. This was my second Sip + Share networking event with Wonder Women of Boston. It was really fun and I recommend the events and the group in general. I just became a member!

But back to the labyrinth. One of the things I like to do is walk labyrinths when I get a chance. It's actually #82 on my life list to walk 50 labyrinths. I had already walked two and now I've walked another. Down to 47 more!

It's fun finding them and walking them can be quite meditative. I must say that this one had lots of kids running and screaming around it and adults just randomly walking through it. So it wasn't the best for meditation. Also, when I walked it, I didn't wind up in the center, it seemed to kind of veer off in different directions. This seemed more maze like than labyrinth.
Anyway, it's a beautiful space and I've made some more progress on my life list. Still working on the mangosteen. See #54.

#20 is time sensitive, since I can only do it once a year and that would be next Wednesday. I don't have a kite though. We'll see....

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Can-Can said…
Thanks for writing about the labyrinth on the Greenway. I will check it out. You do such life-affirming activities all-of-the-time. I am in awe of you.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! You are too sweet! : )

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