Go Green: An Earth Day Roundup

Over the last few years, I've started making small changes that have made a big difference in how I see certain things.  Since taking note of Earth Day each year, it's made me more mindful of things that I do on a regular basis that negatively impact the environment.

This past year, I've found some "recipes" for making non-toxic cleaners, air fresheners, and even unclogging drains.  I was a bit skeptical of the natural drain cleaner at first, but pouring toxic chemicals down the drain pained me each time and the price drained my wallet.

I found a quick solution and have done it several times. It actually works and I haven't needed to buy the drain cleaner from the store again yet. Boil 3 - 4 cups of water. Pour one cup each of baking soda and white vinegar into the drain, followed by the water. Wait for it to bubble its way down. Let it sit for a few hours.

*Updated 6/8/2013* It pains me to say it, but I had to buy a toxic drain cleaner. Maybe the natural way works for a while, but sadly it wasn't enough for my purposes.

Also, I've written many times here before about my adventures with house plants. I'm a huge fan of bringing the outdoors in. My once tiny plant, now 20 years later is the tree above. I've been blessed with a green thumb! At least most of the time.

So this year for Earth Day, here are a few green links for you.

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Natural Room Spritz

Homemade Spring Cleaning Products

Plant Swap Forum

Plant Exchange - GardenWeb

PlantSwap (Yahoo! Group)

SoWa Plant Swap, Sunday, May 19, 2013 (Boston, MA)

New England Plant Swap, Saturday, June 1, 2013 (Walpole, MA)

8th Annual Harvest Festival & Perennial Divide, Saturday, September 14, 2013 (Boston, MA)

Happy Earth Day!

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