Experiments in Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Making

This blog seems to be all about the PBS programming right? I can't help it. They have so many good shows! The video above is another full program that they have available online.

The special, Eat, Fast and Live Longer with Michael Mosley explores the idea of fasting for healthier living. From what I learned on the show, the way that exercise puts stress on the muscles and helps build them, fasting or severely reducing calorie intake for a period of time, does the same for our brains and makes neurons and synapses repair themselves more often and work more efficiently. This might be worded incorrectly. I'm not a scientist. 

Anyway, I love food and dessert and certainly won't be giving them up, but I am trying to lose weight and get healthier. The idea of fast/feast was very intriguing. Plus, I like the way he decided on a more humane and balanced approach, by taking two days a week to reduce his calorie intake.

The scientific findings were quite impressive and I'm at least convinced enough to try it. Today is the first day that I'm trying my semi-fast or reduced calorie intake day. I'll be experimenting with different recipes and foods to see how I can make this work and not lose my mind on these two days a week. Wish me luck!

This morning I skipped my normal breakfast, including the coffee and made a healthy breakfast smoothie. I cut the skins off half a cucumber, a Gala apple, added a cup of cold water, a half teaspoon of ground ginger, a few grains of sea salt, and a squeeze of honey. It's okay. The ginger adds a nice flavor, but I don't like the way that the liquid separates at the bottom. I'll try less water next time. I'm not counting calories. I don't think this can be that many. Maybe I'm fooling myself.

I decided to look up the calories. The apple is about 80 calories. The cucumber is about 16 calories. The honey about 30 calories. It actually is more calories than I thought! 126 calories.  Interesting....

Well, the plan is to have a lunch with about 400 calories, and I may have coffee.  Maybe after counting calories, I shouldn't have the coffee. Dinner might just be tea with a bit of honey and lemon. We'll see. I certainly won't be doing the fast days back to back. At least to start.

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