Boston Strong: A Roundup

There's no doubt that things have been tough in Boston over the past few weeks. But we keep going. Boston Strong.

There are plenty of activities popping up all over the city. Especially since the weather is getting warmer.

I've put together a potpourri of events for you below. So take a look at some of things that Boston has to offer.  Hopefully you'll get a chance to enjoy them as well.

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~ Food trucks are in full force all over the place! Dewey Square, near South Station and the Greenway are fertile ground for food truck food, so make your way over. This year there will be even more choices than last.

~ Obehi Janice, who I had the pleasure of meeting recently, will be performing her one-woman-show, Fufu & Oreos, Thursday, May 9th, 7pm at Haley House Bakery & Cafe in Roxbury. Tonight, April 27th and May 3rd at 8pm, she'll be performing Black Girl Yoga at Brookline Arts Center as part of Boston Bohemia's Fly On The Wall Theater Festival.

~ This Monday, April 29th at 6:30pm, Scampo hosts a Women in Wine dinner with Lia Banville, owner of the Italian import house, Banville and Jones, and Chef Lydia Shire of Towne and Scampo. The meal will be in a private dining room, so you can enjoy fine wine, delicious food, and great conversation too.

~ To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and African-American military service in the Civil War, from May 2 - May 4, there will be Freedom Rising events in the city and the Greater Boston area. All events are free and open to the public. They include lectures by Pulitzer Prize-winning Historian Eric Foner, a Symposium focusing on the hemispheric impact of the Emancipation Proclamation, and Roots of Liberty, a performance with special guests actor Danny Glover, scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and author Edwidge Danticat exploring the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the antislavery movement and the Civil War.

~ It might have just been a wish before, but now Chef'd Up makes your dining dreams come true. Have you ever wanted to have a top chef prepare a wonderful meal for you and your guests at home? Now you can do it quite easily. Called "social dining reinvented," Chef'd Up lets you browse the chefs, then start planning!

~ Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer takes place again this year from May 6 - 12. Buy dessert and help raise money to find a cure.

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Can-Can said…
Thanks for the info about the events - a couple I knew about but there are others I didn't. If you get a chance, go see She Kills Monsters at Company One. Very entertaining and different play!
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - You're welcome and thanks for the info as well! : )

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