7 Years Blogging

Today is my blog anniversary! Hooray! I created this space seven years ago today and it still makes me smile wildly (or maybe widely) when I think about it.

I wish I could take credit for the pictures above, but I can't. Although it's interesting that I chose to use them today. I'm always looking for hidden meanings and serendipity.

When I was sorting through old pictures on my computer a while ago, I came across a bunch that I never took. They seemed to be stock photos that came with the computer. I almost deleted them, because I was trying make space on this very old computer. Then I decided that I liked them and maybe I'd use them one day.

None of my own pictures were particularly "speaking" to me today, so I decided to use these. Maybe I'll have a big city trip coming up soon and I just don't know it yet! 

Each blog anniversary I pick a new word that resonates with me for the coming year. Last year, I totally forgot about the whole thing until the last minute and the word "acceptance" happened by default.

Acceptance actually ended up being the perfect word for last year. This past year was about taking stock of many things and deciding how and what to change. Acceptance of a situation is the first step to changing it. There has been a lot of both going on behind the scenes.

One area where I decided to start making changes was finances. For some of the work that I was doing, I was reviewing financial statements. Seeing how small and extremely large organizations alike track revenue, expenses, profits and losses, and trends was rather interesting to me. They provide a lot of insight and the Virgo in me loves the order of it all.

I wondered what would happen if I kept track of my own finances like this. It would be much easier too, because there are far fewer zeroes. Strangely, among other things, I realized that I receive random small refunds on a regular basis. Who knew?

Anyway, I certainly don't have all the answers, but I have more insight and have a different perspective, which was my word two years ago.

So what's the word for this year? It popped into my head a few months ago out of the blue and I knew right away that it was the exact right word. EMBRACE.

As in embrace all the possibilities that life has to offer. Here's to lucky number seven!

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Nance said…
Congratulations. It's been interesting to see the metamorphosis of this site over the years. "Embrace" seems like a stronger degree of "acceptance." Enjoy the seventh year here on the Interwebs!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Thank you! Interesting. I didn't really see it that way at first, but maybe it's part of the metamorphosis.
The Duo Dishes said…
Congrats to you! It's great how you make these resolutions of sort. May each one continue to come true!
Lisa Johnson said…
tdd - Thank you! : )
chris O said…
Congratulations Lisa! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites even though lately I don't seem to have time to drop by as often as I'd like. I love the idea of a word for the year. I think if I had to define this year with one word I think it would be Faith. Seven years made me think of dog years. Don't ask why it just popped into my head!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Thank you! Faith is a good one. It's so hard to keep up with blog reading. I used to keep up years ago, but there are so many blogs now. We all do what we can. Glad you enjoy it here! : )

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