A Roundup: Creative + Crafty Boston

Like my roundup of free yoga classes in the Boston area, below is another roundup of places to visit in the Boston area.

If you like to do crafts and try different creative things, you might want to sign up for a class, workshop, or just drop by one day or night at one of these locations. It's fun to take a class alone or with friends, family, and sometimes with children as well.

The picture above is my quilt, sadly still in progress, but a reflection of my crafty side. Maybe I need some guidance to help me finish. Since this post, I never got my sewing machine to work again. My quilting saga continues...

This is hardly a full listing, but it's a starting point. If you know of places, please let me know in the comments and I may add them too.

Included here are local centers for adult education. I've had good experiences taking classes at all three of them and sometimes I teach baking classes at one of them as well.

Hopefully this list of places will be a good resource for many of you. Part of the reason that I'm compiling this list is so that I can refer to it myself. Having interesting experiences is always high on my list. Even science shows us that we're more likely to find happiness from experiences rather than from stuff.

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The Clayroom: Pottery Painting here with special Pizza nights on Tuesdays plus Wine & Cheese on Wednesday nights.

1408 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA

Boston Center for Adult Education

122 Arlington Street
Boston, MA

Brookline Adult & Community Education

115 Greenough Street
Brookline, MA

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education

42 Brattle Street
Cambridge,  MA

Dorchester Stitch House: Find high quality yarn, fabric, and take a wonderful range of  classes. I took a sewing class and made a skirt in just a few hours!

846 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA

In Stitches Sewing & Design Studio: Offers Sunday afternoon birthday parties for children and classes and workshops for adults as well.

48 Franklin Street
Quincy, MA

JP Knit & Stitch: Sells carefully selected yarn and fabric, teaches knitting, sewing, and crochet classes and holds special events.

461 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 

The Paint Bar: Started by a mother-daughter team, they let you paint to your heart's content and sip on some wine and beer while you're at it.

823 Washington Street
Newton, MA

Gather Here: Cambridge's first stitch lounge sells fabric, yarn and fibers. Plus, they offer classes, provide machines and space, so anyone can craft!

370 Broadway
Cambridge, MA


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Updated 4/1/2017: My quilt is finished! Take a look here.

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Can-Can said…
Great list. I love the Dorchester Stitch House. I love Windsor Button and await updates. I heard about the paint place in Newton. there's another in Newton that has cooking classes including some for children and there's a woman who has sewing classes for kids in W. Roxbury and Needham I believe. No shortage of places to get ones creativity and craft on. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thanks and you're welcome! : )

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