Organizing A Thanksgiving Meal

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?! I can't. But tomorrow at work, we're having a pre-Thanksgiving potluck lunch. I just finished making a vegetable pasta dish. I hope that everyone likes it!
When the email went around, we were told to sign up on Have you heard of it? It was my first time using it, but it is a good way to organize a meal and I'd use it again.

Take a look at a sample here.  That's just how it looked when I signed up. It was easy to use, but I was surprised that there was a limited number of spaces to sign up for certain items. Although it makes sense. Not everyone can bring dessert! Which was what I was planning to do of course, but I didn't sign up in time.

Hopefully my savory dish will pass the potluck test even though I feel more comfortable bringing sweets. We'll see!

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