Do You Know This Boston Location?

Look here for a hint.

*Updated 11/10/2012* It's the courtyard at the Boston Public Library! It's such a beautiful space. When you're inside the library, at a certain point, you need to cross through it to get to different areas in the library.

Below is a description from the BPL website with some added links.
Next to the quiet grandeur of the Main Staircase, the McKim Building’s deep interior courtyard delights and charms the visitor. It is a haven of peace and beauty rarely found in a public building.

The wall of the main staircase projects well into the courtyard. Along the other three walls rounds an arcaded promenade which is an almost exact facsimile of the arcade of the Cancelleria Palace in Rome. Frederick MacMonnies' Bacchante and Infant Faun, is the bronze cast fountain statue.

The courtyard is a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a bit of nature, even though you're still within the confines of the library. They have tables and chairs along the sides and there are concerts in the warmer weather.

Plus the Courtyard Restaurant is a great place to have a lovely meal. You can have lunch or a very special afternoon tea, which I truly enjoyed.  If you're visiting Boston, I hope you'll take some time to check out our beloved Boston Public Library.

By the way, if you live in the Boston area and have some seriously overdue items from the BPL, they are having an Overdue Thanks program. It started on November 1st, but up until
Thanksgiving, you can return books, CDs, and DVDs, to any of the Boston Public Library locations and have your overdue fines cleared. Nice!

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Penny said…
It is one of my favorite places in Boston. And, since there are food trucks close by, it becomes my food truck dining room!
Lisa Johnson said…
penny - I love it too! Only recently noticed all the food trucks around. It keeps getting better!
Terri said…
The Gardner Museum. I have to admit that I wish I had gone there more while I lived in Boston.
Lisa Johnson said…
terri - Nope! Good guess though. Take a look at the hint. : )

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