America's Best Cities

Downtown Crossing ~ Boston, MA
Travel + Leisure recently listed what they've determined to be the best cities in the United States. There are a few ties, which is rather interesting and then the numbers are off, the way they listed them.

It's still a nice list though. I've been to several of the listed cities, but have many more to visit. Boston, my city of birth, was tied with Austin and Providence. The cities with an asterisk*, I've visited.

Technically, I've visited Philadelphia, but not really, so I'd like to go back. I've also love to visit New Orleans, Charleston, Portland, Austin, and Seattle.

Here's the list below.

1.   New Orleans
2.   Sante Fe
3.   Nashville
4.   New York City*
5.   Minneapolis/St. Paul
6.   San Diego*
7.   Savannah
8.   Charleston
9.   San Francisco*
10.  Chicago*
11.  Portland, OR
12.  Austin 
13.  Boston*
14.  Providence*
15.  Honolulu*
16.  Las Vegas*
17.  Miami*
18.  San Antonio
19.  Philadelphia*
20.  San Juan, P.R.*
21.  Seattle

Do you agree with the list? Any cities that you think are missing? Any cities that you think should not be on the list? How many cities have you visited?

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