Right To Repair Ballot Question + Voter Registration Deadline Tomorrow

If you live in Massachusetts, then tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17, 2012 is the deadline to register to vote in November. For information about voting in other states, look here and here.

This is a crucial election. Not only are we electing our President, but in Massachusetts, we have an important choice to make for our Senator.

Plus, there are several important Ballot Questions. Ballot Question 1 is really important if you own a car. I am definitely voting YES.

I believe that we should be able to have our cars repaired where we choose and that auto mechanics should have all the information about our cars available to them from the dealers. Ballot Question 1 is called the Availability of Motor Vehicle Repair Information.

As I write this post, my mechanic is having trouble getting the necessary information about my car from Volkswagen, so I am without my car. This may have happened to you as well. This Ballot Question will help consumers. I hope this initiative passes!

AAA supports the Right To Repair initiative as well. Take a look at the video. And please make sure you are registered to vote!

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