Hurricane Sandy ~ Through My Window

So far so good here in Quincy. But the wind is really whipping outside and I don't know how much longer we'll have electricity.  My brother lives in Brockton and just called to tell me that a big tree came down in his yard and fell into the street. His house lost power and police officers were on the scene.

I've been working in a new office the last few weeks wasn't quite sure of the hurricane protocol. The office has locations in several states, so when I called in this morning, a different state's receptionist answered the phone and told me that the Boston office was closed. Glad that decision was made.

Stay safe everyone! Looks like a lot of us will have some stories to tell!

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Can-Can said…
Nice photo. I felt my 100+ year old house sway a few times with the wind. No damage here but around the corner a beautiful, towering pine tree fell down and knocked down powerlines. The house it stood in front of will now look so barren with it gone. The sign in front of Calvary Church at the top of the hill I walk when going to the T was also blown down. I feel very lucky and blessed indeed. Sorry about your brother's tree. Glad your office made the right decision. They forgot to phone me on the phone tree (I'm a part-timer) but I called the 1 person whose cell phone # I had. I had already decided it was a "work" (relax) day from home.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thanks! Glad you had no damage. It's hard to imagine what people are going through in New Jersey. It's surreal. We got very lucky here.

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