2012 The Mayan Word ~ A Film

I just watched a profound documentary film on YouTube. The film is very high quality, like something that I would expect to see on PBS. It would be great if PBS carried it, so more people could see it.

The film addresses a very serious issue. Everyone is talking about the Mayan Prophecies of 2012. But who is listening to the Maya?

As G, who is Maya from Honduras, has mentioned many times, "We are still here." In popular culture, when the Maya are talked about, it is usually in the sense that they are gone. The Maya are not just an ancient civilization, but are living breathing indigenous peoples in southern Mexico and northern Central America.

The film is in Spanish with English subtitles and a little over an hour, so you'll need to set aside some time to see it. There are a few graphic images that could be disturbing, so please be warned. Especially if children are watching. But overall, I think that this is a very educational film that should be seen by many.

According to the movie, the 2012 prophecies are seen not just as changes in the earth, but also a positive transformation of the collective conscience.

The culture, stories, and life struggles of the Maya are told by the Maya themselves. Something we don't usually see. The music is enchanting.

Ideas of respecting the earth, living simply, a focus on producing and not consuming are woven into the fabric of this film. Some of the themes touched on remind me of my conversation with Mealku's founder, Ted D'Cruz-Young.

The film is beautifully done and meaningful. I hope that many of you will watch and spread the word about it.

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Anonymous said…
From the wiki link:

The overarching term "Maya" is a collective designation to include the peoples of the region who share some degree of cultural and linguistic heritage; however, the term embraces many distinct populations, societies, and ethnic groups, who each have their own particular traditions, cultures, and historical identity.

So it seems that so-called "Mayan" people might not really be descendants from the Mayan group of history or am I reading this wrong?
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - Thanks for the visit! You may just not be understanding it as I had intended. : )

I never said that they were not descended from the historical Mayans. Those are their ancestors. The problem is that most people think that Mayans only exist in history. But they are still here.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this! I don't spend much time on YouTube and would have missed it. Hopefully, I'll have time to watch it this weekend.
Lisa Johnson said…
campbele - You're welcome! Let me know what you think.

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