Life List Update: An Island. A Lighthouse. A State of Mind.

This is a picture that I took while on the ferry as we approached Block Island. My mom and I took a day trip there a couple of weeks ago. Going to Block Island was #87 on my life list.

It's a really beautiful place. So quaint and charming. But we didn't have the time to explore on our own.

Also, it was a bit drizzly on the day we were there. But the mostly dreary sky set the stage for visiting Southeast Lighthouse. Visiting a lighthouse was #42 on my life list.

As we walked around and took in the landscape, we could hear the foghorns in the distance.

I'd love to visit again and have a slower paced day. A Taste of Block Island takes place in September. That might be a nice time to go back.

As I was going through my life list to write this post, I realized that I completed another goal without even realizing it. #98 was to meditate at least three times a week. Now I do more than that!

Over the last several months, I've increased the number of times that I meditate each week. I've also increased the time that I spend meditating.

Now, I meditate at least every other day, on average 10-15 minutes. Sometimes a couple of times a day.  I made it to around 25 minutes once! It happened slowly and now it's become a habit. Definitely a good habit!

I'd like to meditate every day, but I do miss some here and there. It's okay. It seems that I'll progress at the pace that works best. I feel more focused than before. Maybe it's the meditation?

It's interesting having this life list. The sheer act of making it, propels you towards your goals. Sometimes when you least expect it.

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Unknown said…
I absolutely love Block Island! My husband and I went there a couple of years ago for our anniversary, rented one of those mopeds, and spent the day just driving around and exploring at our own pace. I think that's the way you really have to do Block Island. There is this absolutely beautiful beach there- I forgot the name- but you walk down these wooden stairs and it's just you surrounded by the ocean and clay cliffs. It's a must!
Lisa Johnson said…
stephanie - Welcome to the blog! One thing a quick trip let's you see is how best to get around. I totally agree with you about the moped. A bike would be good too. Can't wait to go back! : )
Good and plenty said…
Congratulations on making a list, checking it twice, (couldn't resist) and doing the things you want to do.
Chris O said…
Block Island, something else to add to my life list. Heard about it but have never been there. Love your photos Lisa! Also your comments about meditation. I've fallen off the sled recently. Your post has given me the incentive to get back to it.

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