Subway Stories: An MBTA Public Service Announcement

From one commuter to another. Thanks for my mini Elaine moment tonight.

When there are hundreds, feeling like thousands of people on the train, please try and refrain from casually flinging yourself, back full on against the entire pole, with your arm stretched overhead to take up even more space on the pole.

And when I politely ask you to please leave a little more space on the pole, so that your fellow commuters can hold on, please do not look at me blankly, like you did, leave just a tad bit more room, and say, "Is this enough?"

In my head, know that I smacked you silly. My continued silent fury and rage powered my very fast walk home. Oh and I realized that I paid more for this ride, because the cost of taking the train just went up!!

Ahem. I just had a cold drink and I'm more calm now. Back to more rational posts next time. Maybe the heat is getting to me? What do you think?

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