Bakery Cafe Photo Challenge

I just read this post on the blog elephantine.  I'm always up for trying a new bakery or cafe. And of course I'll take pictures of my food! 

These pictures are from this post when I visited Tatte Pâtisserie and Café. So I think that I'm up for the challenge.

"Find a café or bakery you've never been to, treat yourself to a snack, and snap a couple photos while you're there. Try to get these 3 photos: the signage/storefront, the food on display, and a close-up of whatever you order."

There's a place that I've been trying to visit forever. But something always happens to prevent me from going.

Maybe this time my luck will change. I'll let you know!

Any bakeries or cafes that you've been hoping to try?

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rachel said…
what a lovely looking cafe! I hope you get a chance to visit Dot2Dot soon, I'd love to see the photos :)
Lisa Johnson said…
rachel - Welcome! Me too! *fingers crossed* : )
Tracy said… that looks like a sweet little place to have a bite and sip a cup! I love how the food is on display--very inviting. A really good bakery/cafe in our town close last fall, and nothing like has opened/re-opened...*sigh*... We could use a really good bakery/cafe here. There's lots of coffee bars that offer a brownie or something, but it's not the same... you know? Missed your foodie posts lately, Lisa. And HAPPY SUMMER to you, too. We're up to 70 degrees here... WOO-HOO! ;o) I'm sitting outsite with my laptop working with iced tea...mmm... ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - Hopefully a really good bakery or cafe will open near you soon. It's going to be in the 90's again today. The arrival of summer made it's presence known big time this year!
The Sweet Life said…
Yum! looks delicious :)
Lisa Johnson said…
carole bee - Welcome to the blog! The food there was incredible. I will definitely return at some point.
Anonymous said…
Yum Yum. That place calls my name. Can't wait to grab a bite with those scrumptious foods.
Lisa Johnson said…
anon - Hope you get to visit!

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