Crumbs Cupcake Chronicles Continued...

"No cupcakes for you!" 

Okay, nobody actually said that to me, but that's how it felt. I regressed to a five year old this evening. : (

As I've been writing, today was the day I have been anticipating. Crumbs Bake Shop opened its first Boston location! So all day I was thinking about it. A friend emailed me saying that she had thought of me when she heard they were opening. She tried their cupcakes in New York and said, "They are divine!" 

On my way into work, I didn't see a line, so I figured maybe things didn't get that crazy. That there would be at least two cupcakes left, so I could have one for me and one for G. After all, I had a buy one get one free coupon! I was thinking that I'd get Squiggle, and was undecided between Irish Cream and Vanilla/Vanilla Sprinkle.

Well, it didn't matter because I didn't get any! When I got to Crumbs, the shelves were empty. How could this be?! I couldn't quite believe it, so I imagined that there were some in back. Mind you, it was about 6:40 when I got there. Denial is powerful thing.

It turns out that things had been a bit crazy earlier and they had just ran out. Nooooo! They are open until 7:00, so I thought that I'd be okay. Oh well.

I was told that they will have way more cupcakes tomorrow. The plan is to get them on my way home, so I'm not making an extra trip. We'll see.

Were you there for the opening today? Did you get any cupcakes?

*Updated 3/20/12* First day of Spring! Still no cupcakes. Maybe they will never have any left at the end of the day??? They ran out hours before closing tonight. I wasn't even close to getting any. Maybe next week when the fervor dies down.

*Updated 3/21/12 * I hadn't planned to stop in tonight, but I walk by this shop everyday. As I was walking to the train tonight, I noticed a few people walking with bags from Crumbs. Then when I looked in the window, I saw that the shelves were filled with cupcakes. Finally! Since it was so warm tonight, I left my coat at home along with my pass for the subway in the pocket and I needed change. Who am I kidding? There was no way I wasn't going in there. So I finally got some cupcakes. They really are large. I got an Irish Cream and Carrot. I only ate half of each, so G can have the rest. They were both really good and I would definitely like to eat the other half of the Irish Cream.

And that concludes my Crumbs cupcake saga. : )


*Updated 7/8/2014* Sadly the true end of this cupcake saga wasn't so sweet. Crumbs has closed all its locations. See my updated post here.

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