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This post is even better with music. Please sit back, while still reading of course, and enjoy Ella Fitzgerald singing 'S Wonderful.

The other day I was driving the Bug doing errands. It's amazing how much more fun the mundane becomes when you have the right music playing. I forgot that I had switched all my CDs and had a whole new playlist.

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were great singers individually, but when they sang together, it was double the wonderful. The CD Our Love Is Here To Stay: Ella & Louis Sing Gershwin is just marvelous.

Because they are singing George and Ira Gershwin classics, the songs that we hear in so many movies, listening to it feels like your own personal soundtrack.  Driving to the supermarket, suddenly feels like a transitional scene in the movie that is my life leading up to something exciting.

Did anything exciting actually happen? Well, no, but the music made me smile and put me in a good mood.

The first time that I remember hearing these Ella and Louis duets was when I was in Paris, so the music brings me right back to that trip. So do these pictures.

The song 'S Wonderful made me think about wonderful and marvelous things, so I decided to write another roundup post with things that I've been enjoying and thinking about.

+++ Intriguing +++

~ Have you ever heard of glamping? It's a combination of glamorous and camping. So if you want to go camping, but don't want to get anywhere near roughing it, then you can glamp. I've never camped. Nor am I dying to particularly. But glamping sounds kind of fun. 

~ I was talking to a co-worker about food. No surprise there. But we were talking about flavors of things. I love gingerbread. She was saying that she didn't like that type of flavor. Nor does she like chai tea, coffee cake, spice cake, or anything with those types of flavors. I had never really thought about the idea of a genre of flavors. But what she said makes sense.

Do you have a certain family of flavors that you particularly like or dislike?

+++ Reading +++

I recently read two books that I really enjoyed. Learning how people built businesses that are now icons is inspiring. 

~ Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy, by Isadore Sharp
~ Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, by Tony Hsieh

Currently I'm reading and enjoying:

~ Kinfolk Magazine, Volume Two
~ Harlem is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America, by Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

+++ Watching +++

Today I'm picking up some more movies from the library. Cannot wait to see them!

I loved three out of four movies that I watched recently. Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer, wasn't quite my cup of chai, but it was interesting. Here are the others below.

~ Lilies of the Field
~ Look Both Ways
~ Amreeka

I also want to see The Artist. Have any of you seen it yet? Do you think it will win Best Picture Oscar? I'm looking forward to watching next week and finding out.

Have a wonderfully marvelous weekend! : )

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Nance said…
My mother and I used to watch Sidney Poitier movies together all the time when I was young. She was a huge fan, and I became one. We loved Lilies of the Field, and I count A Patch of Blue among my all-time favorites. Have you seen it,too?
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I don't think I've ever seen it. I'll have to add it to my list at the library. It looks really good. To Sir With Love was my first Sidney Poitier movie. I saw it when I was pretty young and he reminded me of my Dad. : )
Leslie said…
Isn't it amazing how music can evoke so many emotions and memories? Gershwin songs are classic,and always make me think of running around with my friends in high school. As far as your friend's choices in flavor profile...I think all of those have ginger and/or cloves in them, so it could just be those particular spices that they don't care for. Just a thought. Hope you have a great SITS Day!
Eve said…
OMG you're in Boston? Me too!!! We should try to arrange a meet up with other Boston bloggers. Happy SITS day!!
Happy SITS day, love these pictures!
Karen said…
And I grew up outside Boston:) Happy SITS day.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Happy SITS Day!

I wouldn't mind glamping. I saw a program about it and it looked fun.
Happy SITS day to you! My kids love to play punch buggy, by the way. I had to ban them from punching me while driving!
Anne said…
Happy SITS Day! I'm not a fan of camping, but glamping might be okay... ;)
Vi said…
Your pictures of Paris brought back happy memories! I lived there for a year. I also enjoyed reading about glamping, sounds better than camping to me :)
Mama Up! said…
Happy SITS Day!

I don't know that I have a genre of flavors I like or dislike intensely, but I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't like cheese. Like the cheesy flavor - sharp and gnarly and foot-esque (to me, anyway).
Robin said…
Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it's a great day for you.
April said…
Happy SITS DAY...enjoy!!!
Emily said…
Your blog is so great. Happy SITS day!
Congrats on your SITS Day! How cool is that?

I saw the movie Perfume - I thought the story line was quite good.

Have a great day. Peace. ;)
LaShawn Wiltz said…
Oh I love Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I've never thought about it, but when i hear one of their songs (individually or together) it is like a soundtrack of my life. I remember things that happened, I smile. I even cry. Thanks for reminding me! I'm off to download a bunch of songs off of itunes. Oh, and Happy SITS day!!
Maggi said…
I've never heard of glamping, that sounds fun! :D Hope you have a great SITS day!
Unknown said…
I love good ol' fashion camping but glamping sounds fun with a group of girl friends. :) P.S. These pictures are so pretty!!
Chris O said…
Hi Lisa, love this post! Especially the pictures. I also love reading about what other bloggers are doing. I agree that listening to music often makes mundane tasks easier to complete. A friend of mine saw "The Artist" and said it was great. I haven't seen it yet but it's on my list of movies to see.
Good and plenty said…
Glamping - that sounds wonderful and something I'm going to do. thanks for sharing what you're reading and watching and listening.
Recently, I went crazy listening to two albums - a Brazilian one by Sarah Vaughan - I especially liked her duet with Milton Nascimento - and an album by Brazilian pianist and singer Tania Maria (sp?). Wonderful, wonderful, transporting.
Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
leslie - Glad to bring back nice high school memories!

eve - I'd love to get together! It's always nice to meet other Boston area bloggers. I'll email you soon.

leah - Thank you!

karen - So many people from this area. Thanks for stopping by!

whispering writer - I really want to try it too!

missy - Good idea! Getting punched can distract your driving. : )

anne - Glamping it is!

claire - That must have been a great year! I would love to live abroad for a period of time.
Lisa Johnson said…
christa - LOL! I love cheese, but it definitely can smell foot-esque at times. : )

misssrobin - Thanks for stopping by! I was so sick for my SITS Day and for days after. The ironies of life!

april - Thank you!

emily - Thank you for the sweet words! : )

michelle - Appreciate the visit!

rose's daughter - Glad to inspire music downloads! Thanks for the visit. : )
Lisa Johnson said…
maggi - Thanks for the visit! I really want to glamp too. One of these days. Or maybe I'll need to win the lottery first. : )

ashley - Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

chris - I still haven't seen The Artist. But I will see it!

good + plenty - I love Brazilian music. I'll have to look for those Sarah Vaughan songs on Pandora. I'm sure she sounds good!

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