Whitney Houston: I Remember When

In November 1981, 18-year-old Whitney Houston was on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Go to page number 41 of 72 slides of the cover archives.

As a model was how I first remembered seeing her. There weren't too many black models, but she was a regular and I always looked forward to seeing her. She was so pretty and wore great clothes and make-up.

At the end of one of the issues, I remember reading that she was leaving modeling to pursue a career in singing. At the time it seemed odd. Could she actually sing? I wondered. Well, I figured if she could sing, then I'd eventually hear about her again.

Well, she could! The next big moment I remember about her is hearing that she was going to marry Bobby Brown. It seemed so unlikely, so I figured that either he was not who I thought he was or she was not who I thought she was. I guess it was a little of both.

But I guess we really never know celebrities. We see them from afar. We admire them. We enjoy their performances and how they make us feel. Whitney Houston brought a lot of joy to my life.

Remember her in Waiting to Exhale? There had been recent talk about a sequel. I was so excited to hear that and looking forward to it. My mind is spinning thinking about her being gone. How can this be? So much music. So many songs.

RIP Whitney.

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dmarks said…
I never saw the movies, but saw her videos a lot back in the day on VH1 and MTV.

"The Bodyguard" was such a huge hit, I'm surprised there wasn't a sequel. I had previously invisioned: "The Bodyguard 2: Bodyguard In Space", to cash on on the hit "Apollo 13" and of course the first Bodyguard movie.... with a tagline, "Whitney Houston, we have a problem"
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - I think her videos were some of the first, back in those early days. When MTV only showed videos. Pre-reality TV!
dmarks said…
I used to watch MTV a lot at that time.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - Me too!

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