Emerging From The Fog + Finding Religion At CVS

Yesterday, I went back to work, but was still not feeling quite right. Today, my stomach is still off. I'm afraid to eat anything, wondering what I'll feel like after.

Whatever I ate yesterday was apparently wrong. Maybe bananas don't like me anymore? Bread? Water? I have no idea.

Well enough of my ailments. I did notice something interesting while I was at CVS the other day. Most of you have seen the books and magazines on a large shelf in their stores. Well, near the pharmacy and self-serve blood pressure machine, I noticed a small revolving rack of books. They were all self-help type books and at first I didn't think much of it.

One book had a title dealing with Satan. That seemed a bit off. So I looked more closely and saw that all the books were from Choice Books. They describe their company as "a direct-store-delivery (DSD) distributor of inspirational, wholesome and family-oriented reading materials...." 

Well, I don't know how wholesome I consider books about the devil, but these books are very much Christian and Bible focused. I guess that's fine, but it seems to me that CVS might consider that not all their customers are Christian and they too might also be seeking some inspiration and spiritual uplift while waiting at the pharmacy.

Couldn't CVS add a rack featuring a few other religions too? It just struck me as odd.  What do you think? Have you noticed anything like this?

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Leslie said…
It’s so frustrating when nothing will sit on your stomach! Hope you are feeling better now!
Chris O said…
Hope you're feeling better Anali. I rarely go into a drugstore these days but the next time I find myself near a CVS I'm going to check out these books. I agree with you though. Seems like an odd product for a drugstore to carry.
Lisa Johnson said…
leslie - I'm better now. Thank you! : )

chris - This was the strangest winter. It didn't get that cold, but I was more sick this winter than I ever remember. One thing after the other. Geesh!!! Hopefully it's over. I wonder if you went to CVS and saw those books??

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