Tomato Tart + Pepperidge Farm Dreams

A few nights ago, I had a very interesting dream. 

I was looking through a large desk draw with snacks in it and I was so excited looking through the different flavors.

The snacks were by Pepperidge Farm, wrapped in a waxed white paper with their logo on it. The snacks were rectangle  pastries, but with vegetable fillings in them. I was looking at the summer squash ones and couldn't wait to try them.

When I woke up, I had to laugh. Had I just invented a new product? Why was it so specific? A branded dream? Who gets paid for impressions on my subconscious? Hmmmm.

Anyway, I finally realized why I was thinking about Pepperidge Farm. Recently I bought their puff pastry and used it to make a tomato tart.

Oh, and I bought the Goldfish Sandwich Bread! I know it's for kids, but it was too cute to pass up! It was on sale and I had a coupon. While mostly it's for me, I did give some to actual children when we went to the beach. I guess I'm more of a Pepperidge Farm fan than I realized.

So back to the tomato tart. I saw a recipe for Southern Tomato Pie on page 30 of the July/August issue of Fresh Magazine for Hannaford Supermarket. It looked soooo good and my mother had just given me some fresh tomatoes from her garden.

I had most of the other ingredients, so I decided to try it, but with puff pastry. Which I think turns it from a pie into a tart. Like magic!

The recipe is pretty simple, as you can see. I used most of the same ingredients, but used regular mayonnaise, lowfat vanilla bean Greek yogurt, lemon pepper, and quadrupled the amount of dried basil. I know it sounds like I added a cup of basil, but it was actually only one teaspoon. I loved it!

My mom gave me three little tomatoes and a summer squash. There's puff pastry left too, so I may try this again. Or maybe I'll modify it a bit and make the summer squash snack of my dreams.

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