The Tiny House Movement In Massachusetts

Ever since I started reading blogs about simple living and the tiny house movement, I've been interested in learning more. It seemed like a fun topic to write about, so I proposed an article.

Long story short, I interviewed the Diedricksen brothers for the article Space Savers in the September issue of South Shore Living Magazine.

Derek aka "Deek" writes the blog, does Tiny Yellow House videos and his book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks is available for pre-order on Amazon.

It was great meeting them, learning how they came to embrace the idea of simple living in small houses, and seeing Dawn and Dustin's Scituate house that they all collaborated on.

The article might be available online eventually, but the September issue isn't on the website yet. If you live in Massachusetts, you can buy South Shore Living Magazine at CVS, Stop & Shop, and Hannaford.

It's a wonderful magazine and the September issue focuses on small spaces with big personality. If this interests you, I hope you go and pick up a copy!

*Updated 9/7/12* It's been a year, and from what I see in the archives for September 2011, they aren't going to put the article online.

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Good and plenty said…
I look forward to seeing the article. Congratulations on the writing assignment. I've been interested in small houses for a while. Before the small house movement, I read an article about a woman who lived in the old Berklee residence for women owned by the YWCA. She lived in one well-appointed room and was so content especially because being in the Back Bay she could walk to everything.
Lisa Johnson said…
g + p - Thank you! It was really fun to do. I can see that woman being quite content. Especially if she was always on the go!
Relaxshacks said…
Great article- we loved it- thanks again/great work! Hope you're well!

Lisa Johnson said…
deek - So nice to hear! It was great meeting you! : )

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