Happy Birthday Virgo!

August 23 - September 22 is our birthday season. Hopefully there will be lots of cake, ice cream, celebration, and birthday wishes coming true for my fellow Virgos these next few weeks.

My birthday breakfast is already planned! I won a restaurant gift card from a fellow blogger and plan to use it then.

I'm curious. How many Virgos out there? What is your birthday? Any special birthday plans?

*Updated 3:02 pm* Virgo season started by shaking things up here on the East Coast. I missed it, but there was an earthquake!

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Virgos represent!!

August 26th

There are so many famous Virgos. Michael Jackson, Rachel Zoe, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Lyndon Johnson, etc.
SharleneT said…
I'm a Virgo, as is my daughter, her husband, and my gentleman caller! So, we have a very special Virgo dinner (no presents) to recognize the birthdays and, then, individually we have more private celebrations with gifts and presents. That way, no one is overwhelmed with having to buy gifts for everyone. Happy Birthday, all of us!
Lisa Johnson said…
nyc/caribbean ragazza - Yes! And an early Happy Birthday to you! Just a couple of days away. ; )

sharlene - You got a whole houseful of Virgos! I like the idea of your dinner. Low stress. Fun. Very logical. Just like a Virgo would plan! Have a great time and Happy Birthday to you all! : )

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