DVD Recommendation: Cairo Time

Have you seen Cairo Time? If you're a fan of independent films, then you will love it! I just watched it last night.

I don't remember where I first heard about Cairo Time, but I put the DVD on hold at the library months ago and just got it this week. I guess a lot of people are hearing about it. It was worth the wait!

The film is directed by Rubba Nadda, an Arab Canadian young woman living in Toronto. Make sure you watch her interview in the DVD extras, along with four of her short films. I'll be looking to see more of her work. What a talent! And in her interview, she seems so down to earth and fun that you just want to hang out with her and chat over coffee.

The actors Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig are wonderful. The film is a slice of life full of quiet but intense moments. Serious romantic chemistry with the beauty of Cairo in the background. And I so want Clarkson's wardrobe from this movie. Great clothes and fun music too!

Plus Alexander Siddig. Wow. I may have a new crush! What an elegant man. He reminds me of Cary Grant. Total old school charm and sizzling hot. Whew! I think I lost my train of thought...

Yes. See this film on a nice quite evening and enjoy.

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Suldog said…
Hey, if you'll look at mine, I'll look at yours!

(You'll understand if you visit my place. And, yes, the entendre is double...)
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Thanks for the heads up! ; )

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