Bertolli Culinary Tour of the North End

Remember last summer when I wrote about the North End? Well, this past weekend I was there again with a small group of local food bloggers.

We had the pleasure of experiencing authentic Italy in Boston through the eyes of Bertolli. We spent a lovely Saturday touring Italian specialty shops, each of which shares Bertolli’s passion for food and fresh ingredients.

I've certainly bought my fair share of Bertolli's sauces and olive oils, and enjoyed the quality, so I was really excited to see what they had planned for us. Let me share our itinerary! Maybe you'd like to take this tour on your own one day.

Caffé Vittoria: Cappuccinos, biscotti and cannoli.
290-296 Hanover Street

Established in 1929, Caffe Vittoria is world renowned as the first Italian caffe in Boston. I've been here several times before and never tire of it. While it wasn't originally planned, we couldn't resist the offer to try some of their gelati. Enjoyed the pistachio!

Salumeria Italiana: Balsamic vinegar, olive oils, cheeses and cured meats.
151 Richmond Street

Chef Raymond Gillespie was so helpful and knowledgeable. You can email him with questions and they ship, so you can order online. This shop is a real find and certainly deserves a return trip!

Gigi Gelateria: Gelati
272 Hanover Street

I tried the Limoncello Sorbet, since I had already had gelato a bit earlier. It was such a hot day outside and this was a cool refreshing treat.

DePasquale's Homemade Pasta: Over 50 different pasta varieties.
66A Cross Street

It was great getting a chance to visit this shop, because I noticed it the last time that I was in the North End, but didn't go in. Now I know what I was missing! I've never seen so many types of pasta. And all freshly made by hand. They make the pasta for four different North End restaurants including Lucca, which was the final place on our tour.

Lucca Restaurant: A customized dinner of fresh homemade pasta paired with Italian wines.
226 Hanover Street

We all had to pace ourselves for the tastings, because we knew that we would be winding things down with a full dinner. I absolutely loved the ravioli with carmelized onion and goat cheese. We all shared the desserts and I had a nice Moscato D'Asti dessert wine.

What a meal! What a day! Thank you Lauren and Carly and to everyone for their generosity!

Disclaimer: This was an event sponsored by Bertolli and Zócalo Group. All tour food was complimentary, along with take-home gifts, and reimbursement for transportation.

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Elizabeth said…
What a fabulous day! So nice to see you again after so long!
El said…
I'm glad you had fun. Can't wait to check out the pasta shop. Thanks for the tip!
Lisa Johnson said…
elizabeth - It was so nice seeing you too! ; )

el - You're welcome! I love that place!
The Duo Dishes said…
Fun! This train is making its way to LA too. Bet you guys have some AMAZING Italian food over there. We'll see how LA measures up!
Lisa Johnson said…
the duo dishes - I haven't really heard much about LA's Italian neighborhood, so it will be interesting to learn more about its food culture there. I'm sure it will be glamourous and tasty!
that train needs to make it's way to Atlanta! I'm just saying! I like you so simply and pointedly laid out the day! The gelati is probably my fave! i remember having gelato in Florence and Rome and just falling in love!
Suldog said…
Gelato! One of my most favorite treats! I first "discovered" it when on vacation in Italy, many years ago, with my parents. I bought it from a street vendor - I speaking no Italian, and he speaking no English - and I thought it was ice cream, until I tasted it. Wow! After an English-speaking local clued me in, I knew I had found a life-long love!
Lisa Johnson said…
bren - Glad you like the post! Hopefully Bertolli will make their way to Atlanta. It's such a great way to learn about places to go in each city. Hopefully I'll make it to Italy one day too!

suldog - What a nice memory! And so cool that you got to visit Italy at a young age.

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