Oaxaca - Images and Echoes

Photo Credit: Richard Wilkins
If you're interested in seeing some beautiful photography, a new exhibit showing the work of Richard Wilkins* opens today and runs through July 24th at the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell.

In Oaxaca: Images and Echoes, photographs reveal the heart of the ancient Mexican city, Oaxaca (wa-hah-kah).

A portfolio of haunting portraits shot over ten days, landscapes and street scenes, records life where the clothing, jobs, and creations of its people still reflect its indigenous cultures.

Wilkins is a portrait photographer who avoids formal portraits. “I am an opportunistic photographer,” he explains. “I constantly scan the environment and wait for the images to present themselves.”

Wilkins received his MS in Journalism from Kent State and his MBA from Harvard. He served in Korea during the Vietnam War. Essentially a self-taught artist, he worked for most of his life in the corporate world.

Photographer Richard Wilkins
“As a scruffy kid from the projects, I was fortunate enough to live just blocks away from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and spend time in an after school program there. That experience has had a lasting impact on me and my desire to create art of some kind.”

Wilkins lives with his wife in Jamaica Plain, where they enjoy the diversity of the area’s residents, its youthful orientation and the strong presence of artists. He has a studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.

Photo Credit: Richard Wilkins
If you'd like to meet the artist, join him at the opening reception, Friday, July 8, 2011, 6-9pm.

*Richard Wilkins is my uncle and I've written about him here before. His work is amazing and I wish him all the best!

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Tracy said…
Such emotion in these photos... I would love to see this exhibit! Happy Day, Lisa ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - He really has a way of capturing so much feeling in his pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures at the exhibit. Happy Day to you too my friend! ; )
SharleneT said…
These are wonderful -- so expressive with so much NOT being shown. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - Good to see you! Glad you like them! ; )
Joanna Goddard said…
these photos are beautiful!
Lisa Johnson said…
joanna - Welcome! Thank you for the visit and the kind words!
Suldog said…
You should certainly be very proud to have him as a relative. His work is spectacular. The first shot is truly something I could look at for a long time. The woman, with her gaze toward the distance, and the bleakness of the street... amazing capture of mood.
Josephine said…
Beautiful images! Talent runs in the family :)
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Yes, I am proud! I'm sure he's so busy right now, but I hope that he can take a look at all these kind comments when he gets a chance.

josephine - Awwww. Thanks. :D

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