An Author Event At BiNA Osteria

The weather changes so quickly here in Boston. Tonight I was at another event that was hosted outside the restaurant. It was cold and I was so glad that I brought a sweater.

While there were a few food bloggers at this event, it wasn't a food blogger event. We were all gathered to meet John Mariani, Esquire Magazine's Food & Travel Correspondent and celebrate his latest book How Italian Food Conquered The World. I haven't read the book, but it looks quite interesting.

I had a chance to speak with the author for a bit. When I introduced myself and mentioned that I was there because of my blog, he stated that he thought many food bloggers were not very nice. So I found myself in the strange position of feeling like I had to come to our defense as a group. I told him that most food bloggers that I've met have been very nice and I believe that the few who write snarky reviews are not the norm.

It seems that Mr. Mariani has encountered some "food bloggers" who write very mean restaurant reviews on food websites. Although, I personally wouldn't consider them food bloggers if they are doing their writing on websites or forums open to the public as opposed to their own personal blog. Anyway, he didn't seem swayed by my opinion. And I was rather taken aback by the whole thing. It made me wonder why food bloggers would be invited to this event if these were his feelings about us. I'm still a bit perplexed.

It reminded me of times that I've been at social events and met people who hate all lawyers and say how horrible we all are. Then when I try to say that it's a bad stereotype and there are many nice attorneys, they complain that I'm arguing like a lawyer, because that's how we all are. *sigh*

There is no winnning either of these arguments. People believe what they want to believe. But I digress.

I met a few food and wine bloggers that I had never met before that I enjoyed speaking with. I also met Daniel Paquette of Panther Distributing. He brought a new wine from Tuscany. The line is Sada and the white wine is a Vermentino, which I had never heard of before. I really liked this wine! Not too sweet, but sweet enough for me. I hope to hear a lot more about this wine and look forward to seeing it poured again. Cheers!

*Updated June 21, 2011* I always used to wonder how people made it into the pages of STUFF Magazine. Well, now I know. This event was covered and the photographer asked to take a few pictures. I'm not sure if my picture is in the magazine, but I'm in two pictures on the website. It's rather ironic considering this post. Life is strange like that I guess. Here's a link to the photo gallery from that night. *Updated 8/28/2012* Sadly the pictures were removed. : (

Disclaimer: Invitation, food, and wine courtesy of Marlo Marketing/Communications and BiNA Osteria. Thank you!

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Nance said…
Wow. Maybe food bloggers aren't nice to him because of the way he acts to them!

On another note, I get your frustration with the stereotyping thing. I get irritated when I hear people in the media characterize bloggers as "living in their parents' basement" or conspiracy theorists or the like. I also feel irked when they comment that all bloggers overshare, instigate, or "don't have a real job/life."

And let's not get started with people who feel free to comment about other people's jobs or make incredibly personal remarks about their own experiences in that arena. I'm a public school teacher. OF ENGLISH. 'Nuff said.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - That is certainly possible... I appreciate the support for my mini rant. : )

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