Markets of New England: A Book For Planning Summer

This weekend, the Memorial Day holiday, marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season. Finally!

For those of us in New England, the summer passes so quickly. We have to make the most of these few cherished months of enjoying outdoor activities in the warm sun.

How many of us start the summer with the best of intentions? But in the end, we didn't do even half of what we wanted. At least for me, sometimes it comes down to planning. I think about attending all sorts of outdoor markets and festivals, but don't have so much time to research when and where, so they pass me by.

I vow that this year will be different, because I bought the book Markets of New England.  Now I have much of that information in this very cute and portable book written by Christine Chitnis.

For each of the New England states, she's listed the where and when of farmers and craft markets that we can visit year round. The book is filled with gorgeous pictures, fun facts, and detailed information that includes a personal touch with names of favorite artisans and vendors. Plus much more.

I was lucky enough to learn about this book from blog posts in time to meet Christine in person at a book signing at Joanne Rossman's dreamy shop in Roslindale Village. Christine was as sweet as I thought she'd be. She signed my book and posed for this picture with her adorable son. Plus she had cupcakes for us!

Besides getting this book, I was so glad to meet Joanne and learn about her lovely store. She has the coolest stuff you could ever hope to find.

After the book signing, I took a stroll up Birch Street. It was a warm day and there were several interesting looking shops. I bought some fresh cheese at Boston Cheese Cellar and a small rolling pin from Matimba, a store that sells Columbian arts and crafts.

I wasn't too familiar with Roslindale before this visit and I was impressed. There's a fun artsy vibe here. If you're looking for a change of scenery, it's worth the trip.

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SE'LAH... said…
those cupcakes looks delish!
i never really sit and plan summer, except for holiday

happy long weekend ;) one love.
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - I only had one, but it was delish! You have a good weekend too! ; )

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