Dinner Club: Wolfgang Puck

Did you see Oprah's show about happiness? One of the things that I found most interesting, was a statement made by author, Dan Buettner. He said that being part of a once a month club where you must show up in person, has the same happiness impact as doubling your income. Life experiences and social interaction increase happiness.

After seeing this show, I immediately thought of all the fun that I've had with my dinner club. Not only do we eat some wonderful food, but it's fun looking forward to getting together and talking. If you've missed the last dinner posts, here they are below, so you can catch up.

Dinner Club #1: Paula Deen
Dinner Club #2: Rachel Ray

We all like to cook, so each month we each make something from that month's designated celebrity chef and make a dinner out of it. Seeing that monthly get togethers greatly increase happiness, I highly recommend the cooperative cooking idea to any of you thinking about trying something similar.

Last month's celebrity chef was Wolfgang Puck. And I'm happy to say that we all enjoyed his recipes. He really upped my cooking game and challenged my talents.

Since I had the dinner over my house, I made the entree, which was different, because I usually bring the dessert. It seemed very strange not to be making the dessert. I think of myself as the baker in the group, so when I don't bake, everything feels a little off.

But I had a great time and think that we all enjoyed our dinner. We noticed that most of the recipes had a lot of ingredients and chicken broth seemed to be a constant. Luckily the cupcakes didn't call for it! ; )

I took less pictures than usual, because it's hard to host and take pictures. Next time we rotate hosting duties again and hopefully I'll get some action shots! This month's celebrity chef is Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I'm looking forward to resuming my role as baker again!

Below are links to the recipes from our last dinner. They are all recommended!

Dinner Club #3: Wolfgang Puck

Chicken With Chardonnay And Fresh Herbs
Gratin Dauphinois
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Stir Fried Vegetables
Holiday Cupcakes

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Josephine said…
What a great idea! I'd love to join and host the Ina Garten meeting.
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - You'll have to move to Mass. in a hurry! ; )
Can-Can said…
Nice idea that dinner club. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - You're welcome! ; )

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