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This blog is heading towards it's 5th anniversary soon. How time flies!

Some of you may have noticed that there are some text link ads on the left sidebar now. Also, back in August, I wrote a post offering advertising space.

As the blog gets older and different opportunities arise, I also think about my vision for this space and how I see it moving into the future. I plan to keep writing as usual. Hopefully I'll get a new camera, maybe take some photography lessons, and improve my food photos.

Plus I'd like to and really need to find more ways of generating income. We've all heard the saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I love writing this blog and hope that the money will follow. So I'm looking for ways to do that. One reason is so that I can give back. If I can make money doing what gives me such joy, then it's even better if I can give some of that money to worthy organizations that help others.

A portion of the money that I'm able to earn from this blog will be donated to charities with a local focus. So far I haven't earned much, but every bit counts. With that in mind, I'm very happy to say that a donation was made to Bridge Over Troubled Waters. This organization offers assistance to young people in the Boston area ages 14-24. Many are homeless and need a place to stay, food, and guidance.

Thank you for all your visits to this blog and your support! Because of you, I was able to do this.

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Elizabeth said…
Happy almost anniversary! Five years is no small accomplishment! And bravo on thoughtful sponsorship. Bridge Over Troubled Water does incredible work.
christina said…
a wonderful anniversary it will be.
just stopping in to thank you, for your kind words, when i needed them most.
SharleneT said…
Pre-congratulations! Do get yourself a new camera, if you feel you need it. I finally did, and it made all the difference in the world. I'm catching up on everyone. Did some post-op care for a dear friend and began jury duty for a first-degree murder case that will probably go another two weeks. I've got a gazillion blogs to read! Aaargh! So, hi, and don't forget me!
Happy almost blogaversary! Five years is an accomplishment. I love reading your blog and I love your message about giving back to others. Cheers to you!
Unknown said…
Hi there, I'm stopping by from SITS! Wow, 5 years is a big accomplishment! And I love that some of your income will go to charity... that's a great idea.

Havea great weekend!
N. Angail said…
Five years is a major accomplishment. I'd like to get my blog to be profitable as well. I think itll be a long time until I get there. For now, I'll just keep writing.
Lisa Johnson said…
elizabeth - Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

christina - You're welcome! I'm so glad that you're okay!

sharlene - That's some serious jury duty! I won't forget you. It's hard to keep up with everyone all the time, but I always make my way around.

tsbk - Thank you so much! I guess I should start planning on what I'll bake for the actual day.

jenny - Welcome! You have a great weekend too!

n.angail - Thanks for the visit! The good thing is that the writing is a joy in itself, so we do get that reward at the very least.

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