Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 Things That I Learned Today

A few months ago, I received an email warning me that I would lose my frequent flyer miles if I didn't take some sort of action. Hmmm. I would have loved to take a trip, but that wasn't happening.

The next best option was to turn in a few airline miles and subscribe to a magazine. I looked through the list of magazines and decided to vary my usual subject matter from food and yoga and try something new.

I've been enjoying tweets from Amy Cosper, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. I like the articles and decided to give the magazine a try for a year. The February issue is my first and I started reading it today. So far I'm really enjoying it. Here are five things that I learned from it so far.
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1. Social media guru Chris Brogan is a contributing writer to the magazine. Well, that was a nice surprise.

2. There's a new board game out called Billionaire Tycoon. It sounds fun, but the point of the game is to become a billionaire and drive everyone else into bankruptcy. Not very nice!

3. An online artists' community called deviantART is one that more of us should know about. Many innovations that we may attribute to other social networks were created by deviantART years before. They even have a tool where you can comment using pictures instead of words. How cool is that!?

4. Mark Bello, founder of Pizza a Casa in New York, teaches classes on how to make pizza. His three times a week classes sell out so fast, that people sign up two months in advance. I'd like to do that with my scones class!

5. The definition of brainhurt: A variant of "ugh," often uttered in response to work situations involving mind-numbing boredom and unreasonable demands. I hope that none of you have the occasion to use this word today!

Do you have any new (to you) magazines that you recommend?

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So Simple said...

Anali Try Dish Magazine in New Zealand, you can follow them on FB

Lisa said...

so simple - I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

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