I'm No Longer A Virgo? I'm a Leo?

I remember as a little kid hearing the song, Aquarius /Let The Sunshine In by The Fifth Dimension.

That song is my first recollection of discussing zodiac signs. I learned that my mom is an Aquarius and that I am a Virgo. At least I thought I was a Virgo. Until today.

It seems that the zodiac sign Ophiuchus was never included, but should have been. So most of us have been following the wrong signs for our entire lives!

While little to none of most of my decisions are based on my daily horoscope, I admit that I always thought that one of the reasons why I'm really organized was because I was a Virgo. I've even had a professional reading done. Many of the traits seemed to fit.

I also admit to believing that things generally get messed up when Mercury is in Retrograde. And if possible, I'll try and put off starting something new when the moon is void of course.

Maybe all of this is rather sketchy, but I find it hard to believe that the planets have no impact on human life. We know how the moon effects the tides. The human body is mostly water, so couldn't the sun, moon and planets impact us in some way?

Well, I don't have the answer, but I guess I'd better start learning more about being a Leo. Thanks a lot Ophiuchus!

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SharleneT said…
Me, too! BUT, what they haven't told you is that everything has been off a month since before Pope Gregory's time and so, basically, all that's really happened is that everything is right again. AND, we can just get rid of that new sign. Period. I have spoken. Can't pronounce it, much less, make jewelry, or a colorful card... If the guy doesn't understand what to DO with a sign, he should just leave it alone... come visit when you can...
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - I wonder what astrologists are going to do with this? I don't see any updates to most sites. Strange!!
This pops up every now and again but it's all hooey.

Western astrology (what most people mean when they start talking about signs) is based on the tropical zodiac and (while named after the constellations in a certain circular path) doesn't have as much to do with the position of the constellations as the equinoxes and solstices. Vedic (Indian) astrology depends on the sidreal zodiac and does not match the tropical.

Really, you're still a Virgo (and I'm still sun & moon Taurus with Virgo ascending), and most decent astro sites aren't commenting much on it because it's a total non-issue.
Lisa Johnson said…
scraps - Good to see you around here again! Glad I'm still a Virgo. I don't know if I could suddenly identify with being a Leo. We have similar signs. I'm a Virgo with Taurus rising.
Ruth L.~ said…
I fit Pisces so perfectly that I can't bear to find out what I REALLY am. ;>)
Lisa Johnson said…
ruth d - Welcome to the blog! I guess we'll just keep the signs that we have. The Leo thing wasn't quite working for me anyway. : )

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