Paris The Luminous Years | PBS

Did you watch this special last night? It was so informative and interesting!

When we study history in school, at least here in the United States, we get small bits and pieces of what happened at a particular time in a particular place. At least that's how I feel that it was taught.

I love seeing the bigger picture. During times of war, there are also developments in art, literature, music, architecture, dance. It all happens at once!

Reconstruction in the United States (1865 - 1877) is at the same time as the Impressionist movement in Paris.

It would be really interesting to take a history class that focuses on one year and covers the entire world. 1888 for example. And study all that happened in several disciplines: major legal cases; developments in medicine; literature; transportation, etc. I would love a class like that! It would be fun to teach too!

With 2011 being just a few weeks away, it makes me wonder what will be the major events of the new year. Any guesses?

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Josephine said…
I need to catch this next time it's on!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - I hope you get to see it! ; )

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