Sunday, December 5, 2010 - JP Mac-Off!

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One of my favorite things about holiday dinners is the macaroni and cheese. My mom makes it for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Hers is truly the best!

Although, I tasted the macaroni and cheese at the Pit Stop Barbecue in Mattapan and it came pretty close. Sorry mom. The food there is amazing too!

Before I get too off-topic, let me tell you about an event where you can taste lots of macaroni and cheese and help support a good cause. It's the first ever JP Mac-Off, co-sponsored by the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation and Gourmet Diva.

When: Sunday, December 5, 4:30-7:30 pm.
Where: Boylston Congregational Church, 207 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Why: To raise funds for JPNDC’s work to support local entrepreneurs.
Cost: Tickets $20/person (kids 10 & under $10).

The idea for the JP Mac-Off was inspired by a dream. Keesha D. O'Galdez, Founder and Owner of Gourmet Diva, shares the dream on her blog. Below is a portion.

Earlier this year I had a dream that Gourmet Diva would host a macaroni and cheese cook-off. In the dream people brought their best macaroni and cheese dishes to be judged at an event that boasted a day of fun, music, and positive people. When I awoke from my dream I quickly documented it and thought, “I could really make this dream a reality!”

While I was excited about this new vision, I knew a key element was missing. I'm philanthropist at heart, so when I host an event I think about how the event can serve a larger purpose. Like JPNDC, I know that small businesses are vital to neighborhoods, as they can help foster neighborhood pride, and they serve as great community investments. Because JPNDC is a wonderful organization that is committed to supporting small businesses in Jamaica Plain, I knew they would be a willing and supportive partner in helping to produce the “JP Mac-Off”.
Sounds like a tasty event. Hopefully the turnout will be good and there will be much fun and funds raised!

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Suldog said…
The mac and cheese thing is something we never had in my family. I mean, yeah, we had the occasional Kraft dinner or something, but nothing like the wonderful creations some folks have included in their holiday meals.

It's more of an African-American thing, from what I've seen. Am I wrong about that? Maybe it's just not an Irish thing :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - You're right! From people that I've talked to over the years, it definitely is an African-American thing!
sage said…
Don't miss the mac and cheese at the Fat Cat - to die for!!
Lisa Johnson said…
sage - Welcome! I've heard about their mac + cheese and keep forgetting. I'll have to go! : )
Josephine said…
You've convinced me to make mac + cheese this weekend. Thanks, Lisa!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - Yum! You're welcome! ; )

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