Whirlwind + Chocolate

The past 10 days have been a whirlwind. I've just about caught my breath...

* * *

A nice calm in the storm was discovering Chocolee Chocolates.

Croissants filled with chocolate and others filled with Nutella.

Yes, Nutella!

And please try the salted caramels. Plop them in your mouth whole. Don't bite off a piece!

You want to experience that salty sweet mixture in your mouth all at once.

Absolutely to die for.

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alessandra said…
Just adore croissants filled with nutella, I wanted to try an 'envelope' of puff pastry filled with it, what do you think?
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - That sounds good! But to prevent it all melting, it seems like you might need to put it on after it's baked or very close to the end. Not sure how that would work. I guess you can try it both ways.
alessandra said…
I think melting would be the best part, I tasted something similar in a cafè, yum!
alessandra said…
I mean the pastry must be well sealed of course.

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