Happy Halloween!

Can I make a bad Halloween memory into something good? I sure hope so!

While I've always loved Halloween, I had many years when I despised my costume. I wanted to be a princess or some other girly type costume, but my father went to get the costume for me. He came home with an H.R. Pufnstuf costume. I was not amused and I was not cute. And I had to wear the costume for several years. *sigh*

The picture above is from a yard in the neighborhood. I thought it was adorable, so I took a shot with my trusty Canon PowerShot.

Now that I've recalled that painful memory, I'm entering this post into a contest over at SITS Girls, which stands for The Secret to Success is Support.

They are having a Halloween Giveaway and the coveted prize is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. It's time for a camera upgrade. I so want this camera! Wish me luck!

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Sili said…
I love it (well, I don't like that your dad got your costumes)! This was such a fun blog to think about. I love the SITS girls! Thanks for sharing.
Sharlene T. said…
I was going to keep my fingers crossed for you to win, but I need that camera and plan on entering the contest, too! Maybe we can share...? Never let Dads pick out costumes... that's a cardinal rule... what was your Mother thinking...
CK said…
Good luck!
And you WERE NOT HR Pufnstuff!!!! That stinks!
El said…
Happy Halloween! Good luck on the camera!
Tracy said…
Happy Halloween, Anali! Halloween is not a big deal here either, so sometimes I miss the "real" Halloween of back home... though it really is just a a commercial, media & marketing driven machine now isn't it?! LOL! The real holiday is a far cry from our ancient ancestors had it. That is a FAB camera...*swoon*.... Good luck on the win! Happy Days ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
sili - Thanks for the visit!

sharlene - It seems that we're in agreement that this costume was NOT a hit!

ck - Oh yes I was! So sad. But I'm over it. I even got a blog post out of it! ; )

el - I hope you had a Happy Halloween too! Unfortunately, I did not win the camera.

tracy - I didn't win the camera, so now I have to figure out how to get it. It sure is a beauty! Happy day to you! ; )

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