Distractions From A Rainy Wednesday

~ A new book called An Extravagant Hunger: The Passionate Years of M.F.K. Fisher is being written by Anne Zimmerman, the blogger behind Poetic Appetite. The book is being published by Counterpoint Press in February 2011. Looking forward to it!

~ I love the online world, but there's nothing like curling up with a blanket, a hot drink, and holding a magazine in your hands. Anthology and 3191 Quarterly are two new quarterly magazines that might interest you, especially for cold rainy days like today.

~ Have you ever tried a flognarde? This dessert is new to me, but this blog post makes me want to make one.

~ Doesn't this apricot jam look delicious?

* * *

That's all for now. I hope you're in a warm and dry place today!

~ I just found an incredibly inspiring video via Twenty Four At Heart. It reminds us that we're all better off listening to that small voice within telling us to focus on what we love and can do better than anyone else, because that's what the world needs most from us. Take a look here.

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Tracy said…
Those are happy feet, Anali...LOVE your fun boots! It's been raining all week here...*sigh*... bad storm last night, but easing up today. I'll take some apricot jam to sweeten the soggy spirits of rain. I've not had flognarde either... I'm intrigued... Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - Thanks! I wear these boots with a pink scarf and pink jacket. It cheers me up in the rain!
jenious said…
Oh, you mention so many fun trinkets here. I look forward to that book as well. I just bought a used copy of "With Bold Knife and Fork."
Lisa Johnson said…
jen - Thanks for mentioning that book! I must add it to my list, which is really quite unruly at this point. : )

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