The Remains Of The Cake

As fast as I uploaded this picture, I finished off this piece of cake. There's one last piece that I'm looking forward to taking care of tomorrow.

From my last post, you can see that the day wasn't quite as planned, but despite the sad start, I enjoyed the rest of my birthday. My brother, my parents, and G and I had dinner and cake later in the evening. I ordered take-out and brought everything home.

I chose a carrot cake from Montilio's. So delicious! And decided on Indian food from Punjab Cafe. The food was a big hit!

Just one hint if you order the Full Chicken Tandoori, which I did. Full does not mean a whole chicken, which I assumed.

After everyone was ready to eat and I opened the packages, I did not see a whole chicken and freaked out a little. I called back the restaurant and learned that they cut up the pieces of chicken, so in essence it's a full chicken, but not what you might expect.

Anyway, everything was really good. We also had some Nan, plain, onion, and garlic. Garlic was the favorite by far and next time I'll just order that. We also had Shrimp Tandoori. Can you tell that I like anything made Tandoori style? ; )

These pictures are from my mother's garden. I took the picture a few weeks ago, but decided to post it now, because it makes me happy. ♥

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Tracy said…
Great title, Anali... Cake & flowers=happy :o) ((HUGS))
Suldog said…
A question to ponder the next time you have carrot cake: Why is carrot cake the only cake that has a little icing decoration showing you what the cake is made of? They don't put little lemons on a lemon cake, or cocoa trees on a chocolate cake...
Se'lah said…
i love nan. yum.

you make me hungry each time i visit. gotta go eat now ;)
El said…
I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The cake looks wonderful!!
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - I have way too much fun coming up with snappy titles! ; )

suldog - I've wondered the same thing! Is it because we must be warned of carrots!? : )

se'lah - Everyone who leaves here hungry makes me feel like I did a good job here. :D

el - It ended up being nice and I so enjoyed the cake. ; )

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