Breaking News: Pinkberry Comes To Massachusetts

The way I stumble upon food news never ceases to amaze me.

Last Friday, my mom and I decided to go to the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. She'd never been there before and wanted to take a look at some of the stores. I decided to meet up with her there for lunch.

Not being sure of the restaurants, I checked the Derby website for a restaurant listing and saw that the Grand Opening of Pinkberry is this Friday, August 20th.

I've never been to Pinkberry or tasted their frozen yogurt. But their reputation precedes them.

Below is an excerpt from a 2006 L.A. Times article, The taste that launched 1,000 parking tickets, which explains the phenomenon that is Pinkberry.
It has been called "Crackberry" and "frozen heroin juice" by its fans and detractors because many of the college kids, television writers and well-to-do families who cheerfully queue up as many as four nights in a single week agree with food blogger Rosie O'Neill, who wrote recently: "I would get Pinkberry IV'ed into my veins if I could."

Leslie Grossman, an actress, described it like this: "The first time you try it, you're like -- 'Eh,' and then you're like, 'Did I eat that whole thing?' And then the next day you are like, 'I could really go for a Pinkberry right now.' "
Since I was going to be in the area anyway, I decided to take some pictures of the store before it opened. Just as I arrived, the workers started taking the paper off the windows.

Also, I noticed that there were job applications on the tables. So anyone looking to work there, you might just want to drop by and fill one out.

Have any of you tried Pinkberry? Is it really all that? I'm a bit hesitant, because all the descriptions mention how tart it is. And I'm a fan of sweet, not tart. It may not be for me.

It will be interesting to see the reception here in Massachusetts. While Hingham is the first location for Pinkberry in Massachusetts, it won't be the last. Pinkberry will soon arrive on Newbury Street in Boston.

Another nice local angle to this story is that Garelick Farms will be Pinkberry's local source for milk and yogurt. See the press release for more information.

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christina said…
oh so yummy!
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - A fan I see! ; )

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