Old Silver Beach - North Falmouth, Mass.

Life List #101- Visit 3 new beaches each summer. When I wrote down this goal, it seemed like a good one. But there was a miscalculation on my part.

First, New England summers are very short. Second, when you find a beach that you like, you want to keep going back. I plan on going back to Old Silver Beach.

I found this beach by accident. My brother and I decided to take a ride on Sunday afternoon and see where we ended up. We headed south towards the Cape.

There are lots of rotaries in Massachusetts. Probably a few too many. For some reason, they seem more noticeable once you get to the Cape. Maybe because I'm not used to them?

We drove over the Bourne Bridge and not the Sagamore Bridge. The traffic wasn't bad at all driving there or driving back. That was rather surprising.

The plan wasn't to drive too far, so I started looking for beach signs and figured maybe we could spot a new one. We didn't drive too long before we saw some. One sign came too fast and I couldn't pull over fast enough.

We were ready when we saw the sign for Old Silver Beach. It was very easy to get to. Just follow the signs. I also noticed that a portion of the beach is part of the Sea Crest Resort and Conference Center.

We arrived a little before 4:00 and were able to get a great parking spot. It seems with beaches, you have an early shift of people and a late shift. The early shift was leaving. After 3:30 parking is free, so being late worked out well. It's $20.00 to park all day. Plus the sun isn't as intense later on. It was around 88 degrees and definitely still warm enough.

My brother and I got out of the car. Walked towards the water and looked at the beach. We hadn't planned to go in. My brother's mobility is very limited. He's on crutches and has braces on his legs. When we saw these stairs, we knew that he wouldn't be able to make it down.

Then a woman saw us looking longingly at the water and mentioned that they have sand wheelchairs. We could ask the lifeguard and he'd help us down. Who knew?

We found a lifeguard and he helped my brother get in the chair and brought us down to the beach. When we were ready to go, he brought us back. He was very nice and said that the sand wheelchairs can go in the water too. My brother didn't go in, but it's nice to know for another time. Also, he said that people can call ahead to reserve a chair if they'd like.

We didn't stay long. But I looked at the water. Inhaled that nice salty ocean smell.

Watched the waves and couldn't resist taking off my sandals and wading in. The water was very warm. It was perfect.

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Nance said…
How nice! I'd say that you NEED to go back with a picnic and a plan. Sounds like a great and accommodating place for you both.
Sharlene T. said…
What a wonderful thing to have a beach wheelchair! I didn't know they had them... thank you for some very useful informtion!... I was born in New England and loved the beaches -- not for swimming but just enjoying the ambiance... you've awakened some wonderful memories...

Twitter: SolarChief
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I like those two Ps - a picnic and a plan!

sharlene - Glad to spread the word! The more people who can enjoy themselves at the beach, the better!
Anonymous said…
I used to spend whole summer days here with my grandparents, who were lucky enough to have a resident beach sticker and didn't have to pay to park. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - Thank you for stopping by! Those must have been wonderful times. I wish I had made it back again, but I guess it will probably be next summer.

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