Monday, July 19, 2010

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

mini chocolate cupcakes
Originally uploaded by chotda
Happy Monday to you!

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willow said...

Oh, could I ever eat a couple of those little goodies right now!

Sai said...

Ooh...I could lost account of how many of those I can eat!

Chris said...

Oh Anali, I so want to pluck one of these luscious beauties right out of the photo!!! I hope you at least tried one!

Anna Renee said...


Anali said...

willow - Me too!

sai - All I know is that one would not be enough!

chris - I didn't make them, but found the photo on flickr and wanted to share. So sadly I didn't get one either. : (

Anna Rennee - Thanks for the visit!

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