Life List #89 - Jump Rope!

I'm trying to vary my exercises, so that I'll be more consistent and can get rid of these extra pounds. Jumping rope used to be one of my favorite things to do as a kid, besides doing cartwheels, so I figured that I'd try it again and make it part of my life list.

I'll never forget one of the strangest comments that someone has ever made to me. It's especially odd, because I was fairly thin back then. I was at a party and a woman that I had never met before came up to me and said, "Did you used to be really fat before?" I was rather shocked and told her no.

What kind of a question is that to ask someone? I should have said back to her, "Did you used to have manners and a sense of decorum?"

Anyway, today was my first day jumping rope. A few months back, I found a Reebok jump rope at Target. It's too long to hold the wood handles and I had to wrap it around my hands.

The jumping session didn't last very long at all. I looked up tips online for getting back into jumping after not doing it since childhood and the theme was to take it slowly at first. This article said not to jump outside, which had been the plan. A wood floor was recommended, so I jumped inside.

Another article said to start with 25 jumps a rep and then rest in between. So that's what I did. I felt very uncoordinated. It definitley did not feel like I remembered it. Not at all. Eeek! I guess this will take getting used to.

Do any of you jump rope?

Photo: Jump Rope Girls by foundphotoslj.

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alessandra said…
Yes, I tried once or twice, but I'm too lazy for that ;)
kath said…
My best retorts always come after the fact - it is annoying but I think we are often so shocked when someone is truly rude that we can't say a thing!

I remember being afraid to jump in double dutch. I haven't skipped in years ... Oh and I guess I call it skipping!
Jessica said…
I remember jumping rope when I was a girl. I also remember jumping out of a swing when it was in mid air. Neither of these tasks seem as easy as they did back then...!
brainella said…
I jumped rope a lot when I was a kid -- I might just hurt myself now! Then again, I bet it would be a great weight loss help. Good idea!
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - It does require a lot of energy! ; )

kath - I guess the skipping or jumping is a regional thing?

jessica - Welcome! I loved swinging too! I think I may have jumped out mid-air once or twice too. Nice memories.

brainella - So much energy and flexibility that we took for granted when we were kids. Well, it was good while it lasted.

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