A Bridge of Love for the Dalai Lama's 75th Birthday

Photo: Monet's Garden by Ell Brown

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama!

Today Se'Lah from Necessary Room is holding a blog event where we all are building a Bridge of Love around the world by doing a random act of kindness in celebration of the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday today.

I didn't do all that I planned, but I made a point to catch up on some phone calls. Also, I'm going to make some cards that I'll be sending out and giving away.

Take a look at the list of participants here. If you can, do a random act of kindness and show yourself some loving-kindness too.

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starry said…
ON the Dalai Lama's Birthday all I wish for " Free Tibet"
SE'LAH... said…
So lovely that you are doing several acts. I did too and continuing today...making a quilt for and with a sick friend. You are so creative...can't wait to see your cards. Thanks for joining us. Such fun. One love.
Tracy said…
Lovely post, Anali... My own be-kind-list was cut a bit short too, but every little bit in better than none at all, 'eh? It was fun all of us joining in this *bridge of love* with Se'Lah :o)
Lisa Johnson said…
starry - Yes! Definitely a free Tibet!

se'lah - This was a great idea you had! I made some cards and sent them out. No pictures though.

tracy - I agree. Something is better than nothing! ; )
Suldog said…
Random Acts of Kindness are wonderful things, always, to undertake. I like to drop a quarter in parking meters that have expired. I've even cast my bread upon the waters by sending out a five dollar bill, in an unmarked envelope, to a random name chosen from the phone book. Fun!

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