Sex and the City 2

I was just looking at show times for Sex and the City 2 and was amazed how often it's showing at AMC Loews Boston Common. Almost nonstop!

(9:00am) (9:40am) (10:00am) (11:00am) 12:30 1:10 1:30 2:30 4:00 4:40 5:00 6:00 7:30 8:10 8:30 9:30 11:00 11:20 11:40 12:30am (10:20am) (11:40am) 1:50 3:10 5:20 6:40 8:50 10:10 12:00am

Are you going to see it? The plan was to go today, but it didn't happen. Hopefully in the next couple of days. I re-watched the SATC DVD last night to get a refresher. Loved it just as much as the first two times I saw it. : )

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brainella said…
We are going to see SATC2 on Tuesday after work. Yay! I'm so excited. :-)

Have a great weekend!
Lisa Johnson said…
brainella - I'm going to see it today. Finally! Enjoy your weekend too! ; )
dmarks said…
So, will there be, like 1 man for every 60 women there?
Can-Can said…
I, too, was amazed at the # of times it was being shown at Loew's downtown. I was trying to save it to see w the same group of friends I saw the first movie with but everybody is so busy. I headed downtown on Friday for an errand and then tried to book it over to Loew's to see Babies and missed it, so ended up seeing SATC-2. I enjoyed it. I thought it was realistic for their time of life (except for the wardrobes but those were pure eye-candy). I hope the franchise ends here. Be curious to know what you think.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - Good to see you around! I went to a Saturday matinee and there was hardly anyone there. I was really surprised. Maybe only 12 of us, which did not bode well for overall box office sales. One guy was there with one of the women.

can-can - I really liked it and actually would be happy to see several more movies. It was fun and some parts over the top. Basically anything with Samantha! But also, like you said, some real fundamental truths about life.

I don't understand all the negative reviews and wonder if society STILL has that big a problem showing women aging. Because with each new movie, the characters are older, have more life experience and they talk about these issues.

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