Behind The Frosting: Red Thread

As you can tell from this beautiful picture above, there's a real sweet treat here for you today. My latest interview reveals who's Behind The Frosting at the blog Red Thread.

When you want to look at beautiful things, click over to visit Josephine at her inpirational blog Red Thread. The title is from the Chinese legend that says that everyone is linked to people who have a significant impact on their lives via a red string. I love this idea!

The first time that I visited Red Thread, I was struck by a beautiful photograph and the care and thought that went into the post. I've been a fan since. We started emailing and I was lucky enough to meet Josephine in person when I was in San Francisco last year. We had the best time and am so happy that I can call her a friend.

All the photographs here today are hers. Josephine: Thank you for these and for taking the time for this interview!

Please tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to love photography and design and start your blog?

I'm a photographer and stylist who's looking forward to leaving her 9-to-5 job behind to pursue both fields full-time. I fell in love with photography about a year and a half ago and I've always been a big fan of design (fashion, art, architecture), but it never occurred to me to pursue anything creative.

It was always drilled into me to find a "normal" line of work, which would provide stability even if it was boring. However, I soon realized that being in a cubicle was not how I wanted to spend the bulk of my life and that there really isn't any stability in corporate life. So I searched like a fiend for something I could 1. be passionate about, 2. be good at, and 3. make a living from. Around this time, I discovered blogs like decor8 and design*sponge and through them discovered the world of styling and photography.

I decided to take a digital photography class and as soon as I felt that click of the shutter, I was hooked. Soon after, I decided to start my blog to document all the areas that inspire and delight me and also show the progress of my styling and photography.

Are there any projects that you're working on now?

I'm constantly practicing photography and styling, whether it's visiting a goat farm or historical garden or finding pretty desserts to photograph. I'm always pushing myself to do better. Plus, I'm naturally curious about the world, so I've always got some project or adventure up my sleeve. I'm currently planning more ambitious set design projects, and I'm excited to show them on my blog in the upcoming weeks.

Can you share some of your favorite things? Photos, food, blogs, designers, etc.? What draws you to them?

I've noticed that I tend to be drawn to work that has a very distinct viewpoint, but also carries an element with which I can identify. A really good example of this is the Pastry Paris website - Susan takes us on a tour of "her" Paris, which is distinctly her point of view and yet I can relate because I love Paris for the same reasons. That being said, there are too many artists whom I admire, but here's a short list:

photographers - Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Erwin Olaf, Dan Winters, Andrea Fazzari, Carla Coulson, Sara Remington, Debi Treloar, Jose Villa, Penny de los Santos, Lara Hata, and Miep Jukkema.

food - I'll try almost anything, but I tend to gravitate towards earthy, rustic French food, Japanese food, and Spanish food (especially tapas). I also have a major sweet tooth; I love cookies, cupcakes, ice cream.

designers - Frank Visser, Ilse Crawford, Shona Heath, Phoebe Philo, Uxus, Stacy Pancake, Viola Sutanto, Joy Thigpen, Camilla Gough, Greg Hatton, and Anna Wili-Highfield.

*Updated 7/21/2014* The blog Red Thread has closed and there were many broken links here, so many linkes here were removed.

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El said…
Great interview and beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - So glad that you enjoyed it! ; )
Josephine said…
thanks for the interview and sweet words, lisa!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - You're welcome and thank you! ; )

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