CupcakeCamp Boston 2010 - A Smashing Success!

So many people showed up! I don't have an exact number, but there were over 400 counted. 470!

I think most everyone had a great time and got their fill of cupcakes.

The transport of my cupcakes was a bit rough. All the bakery cupcakes that I transported were fine.

But mine fell over into a big cupcake mess. I tried to set them up for display, but to no avail. The tops started coming off when I tried to salvage them. So someone suggested that I bring them to the people waiting in line.

I was a bit hesitant, but there were so many people waiting. So I figured I'd ask them. Good thing I did. I walked down the line and gave them all away in about a minute!

Mine wasn't the only cupcake mishap. These cupcakes fell to the floor. As people realized what happened, the collective "OH!" spread over the room. So sad.

These aren't all the pictures. I just put up a set on flickr. Take a look here.

Well CupcakeCamp certainly was an experience. I'm a bit sugared out right now though. I'm thinking a nice salad would be good. : )

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Josephine said…
Too bad about the cupcake spillage, but at least some people got to enjoy them, right?
El said…
Wow. Looks like fun! Sorry about the spill but it sounds like everyone had a good time.
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - I'm glad that I didn't take them home. It worked out! ; )

el - It was a nice time and another experience. Been there. Done that! :D
Tracy said…
Fantastic turn out... and such beautiful, delicious cakes... YUM-MY! Well done... Happy Week ((HUGS))
SE'LAH... said…
That is AWESOME!!! well done.

one love.
Tera said…
CupcakeCamp??? How awesome! I've gained 2 of the of the 20 lbs. I've lost just looking at the photos!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - Thank you!

se'lah - I appreciate the comment!

tera - No calories from photos! Thank goodness! ; )
Kimberly said…
how were the lines? i would like to go tonight, but hear that last year's ran out of cupcakes early. glad i came across your blog!
Lisa Johnson said…
kimberly - Welcome! Absolutely not true! Not sure who said that. There were way too many cupcakes and we all brought leftovers home. Definitely go and be prepared to eat a lot! ; )

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