The Color Orange

Photo: The Orange Interior

As a nice way to start my Monday, I thought I'd curate another color flickr gallery.

It's so fun searching out pictures. Not knowing what I'll find. And then seeing something beyond my expecations. Or exactly what I was hoping for.

Photo: Orange and black in Gamla Stan

As I've mentioned a few times here before, I have very vivid dreams and I dream a lot. Years ago, I dreamt that I met my guardian angel. I never particulary thought that I had one before, but this dream was so clear. He was dressed completely in orange cloth and had dark brown dreadlocks flowing out of an orange turban. He never said anything to me. But somehow, I instinctively knew who he was.

The color orange in this dream was so overwhelming. Ever since then, I consider orange to be a protective color.

Photo: Myanmar - It's Raining Monks

It could be an incorrect interpretation, but I'm going with it anyway. You can see the rest of the Orange Gallery here.

Enjoy and Happy Monday to you!

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Parisbreakfasts said…
I love the color orange...
these are especially inticing!
Nance said…
Orange is a very bold color, so I don't wear or use a lot of it in decorating, but I do like it a lot. When I wear it, I always get compliments. After your dream, do you always carry or wear a bit of orange?
what a great idea. I'm in love with the color red. I should try this.
Cynthia said…
Love your themed photographs.
Lisa Johnson said…
parisbreakfasts - Your color themes always inspire me!

nance - I should wear more orange. I'm actually looking for an orange cotton scarf. I see it in my head and hopefully it will materialize.

damaris - Welcome! Thanks! It is a fun little project.

cynthia - Thanks! Nice to see you around!
Elizabeth Halt said…
Oh, oh, oh! That first photo! *happy sigh* Thank you so much for linking to this post so I could read it.
Lisa Johnson said…
elizabeth - You're welcome! So glad you liked it! ; )

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