Beautiful Finds On A Budget

I've had to make do with much less this past year or so. But I've still been able to add some beauty without breaking the bank.

Having fresh flowers at home is one of my favorite things. This pretty bunch was just under $4.00 at Stop & Shop. Sure, I love Winston Flowers, but these were a nice addition to my table for Easter dinner and I'm still enjoying them now.

The pretty pink teacup and saucer was another under $4.00 find at Goodwill. I love the color and it's handpainted from the Czech Republic with gold trim. It reads H&C on the bottom, which may refer to Heinrich & Co.

What are some of your favorite under $4.00 finds?

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alessandra said…
For me every find under 4$ is a favorite ;)
El said…
I love deals like this. Beautiful. You did good!
Tracy said…
Such lovelies... and such great deals, Anali! LOVE that tea cup & saucer... I just love anything tea related. Fresh flower--such a treat to have in the home, aren't they?! $4 finds... I'll have to think on that one...hhhmmm... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - You're right!

el - Thanks!

tracy - Happy weekend to you too! ; )

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