Macarons For A Rainy Day

The rain continues. Il pleut. It's flooding all over New England.

So I searched the world for some symbolic sunshine. Macarons. Mmmmmm.

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starry said…
love macaroons.
El said…
I agree. i think I'll fill my ark with them!
Relyn Lawson said…
That's some yummy sunshine. Here's another:

It's one of my favorite kinds of sunshine.
Tracy said…
Macarons...the perfect antidote for rainy days, Anali!...mmm.... I just found a raspberry macaron recipe I want to try--can't wait! Keep dry there... And wishing you & yours a lovely Easter holiday weekend ahead :o) ((HUGS))
Nina said…
If I could bottle the sunshine here, I'd be happy to send it to you! With a box of macarons, of course :)
Suldog said…
Mmmmmmmmm. Always yummy, those are!
Tera said…
I love, love, LOVE macaroons! :-)
Cynthia said…
Such perfection!
Lisa Johnson said…
starry - Those few weren't enough. I have to find some more!

el - LOL. That would be crunchy!

relyn - Thanks for this! Nice song and so much sunshine!

tracy - Yum! Raspberry! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - Awww. Thank you!

suldog - By the time I get to the comments, the posts are old and the food is long gone. Now I want more!

tera - Great to see you around the blog again! ; )

cynthia - Hey there! Thanks for the visit! :D

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