Here's To Your Health!

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Today is too momentous to let it go by without a remark or post. Health Care Reform legislation was signed into law by President Obama! This is huge!

There's been so much negativity surrounding its passage. I don't understand why. Focusing on that aspect of it will not do me any good, so for now, I'm letting it go. So much good will come from more people getting health care. I feel like our country just made another giant leap forward.

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alessandra said…
I'm glad about this :)
El said…
I'm incredibly pleased to see consumer protections being put in place. Yes we can!
Tracy said…
I was sooo happy to hear the news--HOORAY! :o) Good, affordable health care should be a birth right... Happy Day, Anali ((HUGS))
I don't get it either. Everyone I talk with sees a need for health care. Maybe I hang out with the wrong class of people?

I was so lucky yesterday because I recorded the View. It was pre-empted for the signing and I got to see it!
starry said…
I dont know either what some people are upset about.Health care reform s good and should have been done long ago.
SE'LAH... said…
Senator Kennedy would be proud.

Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - Thanks! ; )

el - Yes we can! I never get sick of saying or hearing that! ; )

tracy - I agree! It's a civil right. I find it so hard to understand why people are offended that everyone will be able to get a check-up! Sheesh!

edi - It was great to see! So strange though that they ended up having to do it over again after the Senate changes. Sort of anti-climactic.

starry - OMG! So good to see you around again! I wondered what happened to you! It took health care reform to draw you out again. : )

se'lah - I'm sure he's singing with the angels!
dmarks said…
I don't like the part that forces people to pay money to health insurance companies in order to get plans they don't need. Families are hard pressed enough without this bill stepping in and micro-managing their budgets: forcing them to divert money from college, food, or other categories in order to pay for this. To me this was the worst thing about the bill.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - We have to agree to disagree on this one. We view things differently.

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