Rain rain go away. Come again some other day.

Do you remember singing that when you were a kid?

It's raining. It's pouring. The old man is snoring.

Or this one?

Photo: Walking in the Rain

It's biblical proportion raining here in Massachusetts. It's been raining for days.

Photo: Paris Rain

I'm glad that it's not snow. But enough! Assez! ¡Basta!

I'm ready for some sunshine! But the weather prediction says not until next week.

So for now, I still have that sing-song in my head. Rain rain go away. Come again some other day...

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El said…
I do remember the song and I completely agree. It is better than snow but it's still cold, raw and muddy. Can we fast forward to May, Please?
S said…
I always sang it, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again NEVER!!!" That's pretty much how I feel about this winter in general.
Suldog said…
"Biblical proportions" had me snickering. I was actually standing out in it, yesterday, and thinking, "I guess I'm not the modern day equivalent of Noah, 'cause God hasn't asked me to build an ark yet."
Tracy said…
"Biblical proportions" of snowing here this weekend... LOL! I feel your pain, Anali... Keep dry, keep warm and enjoy a cozy weekend, my friend :O) ((HUGS))
Elizabeth said…
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

We have the snow and not the rain in Ontario, Canada.
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Well, we're getting there. March 1st tomorrow!

s - LOL! Funny! :D

suldog - I guess many of us were thinking that way! Today is all cloudy and sunny. I think it might rain or snow tomorrow. This weather is really confusing!

tracy - You stay warm too! I guess with all the snow, earthquakes, and tsunamis, I really have no business complaining.

more than a mom - Welcome!Thanks for the visit and I hope you're enjoying the snow!
Esme said…
We had some downpours yesterday also.
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - I wonder if this is global warming? The weather seems incredibly extreme.

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